Chiropractic Massage Table

A chiropractor relies on a variety of techniques that help them to work out the tension in the muscles and to relieve the problems brought on by medical conditions and even stress. Not many people understand just how damaging stress is to the body and what will happen when we let it take hold of us.

The best way to relieve mountains of stress and tension is to visit your chiropractor allow them to work out everything through a special massage. In order to do this they need the help of a chiropractic massage table. These look like a normal massage table that you would see at a salon. There are also some that are portable, giving the chiropractor the ability to go to the homes for treatments.

Chiropractic Rolling Massage Table

This is the most common type of massage table used by chiropractors and allows them to perform shiatsu massages and intersegmental traction. This is a common and safe procedure that help’s to relieve pressure around the spine. It sounds painful – but is actually quite gentle to use on anyone of any age.

Many doctors will choose this table over the average shiatsu tables because they are much more comfortable for the patient and are much more affordable. Each one is designed to be heavy duty and you will have the option of purchasing one with a vibratory massage. It is designed with a headrest, comfortable upholstery, and a built in foam pad. You will have the option to purchase it in a variety of neutral colors that help to keep the patient relaxed and calm.

Standard Features

  • Eight massaging rollers
  • Built in foam pad
  • Adjustable vibration
  • Split face and pillow
  • Priced around $1,000